• Plate molding series
  • Splicing sequence
  • Technology series
  • Stainless steel series
  • Swatches and accessories
  • Cast aluminum proof series
  • Armor series

1. Position the Blue Ocean Advantage

At present the building materials industry competition is intense. "Miller" brand of high-end positioning in the field of anti-theft door relative to a blue ocean, competitors are not many and not powerful.

2. Private custom "zero inventory" advantage

No Yahuo, the company entered the door not only national security door can also be customized according to the customer's individual needs tailor-made. Let your home moments "tall on."

3, the advantages of technical training

The headquarters of the product installation, shopping and other links to provide 2-3 days free professional training courses to enhance the skills of employees.

4, product quality advantage

Continued the spirit of the German artisans to exceed ISO quality management requirements, providing quality products to ensure the perfect quality of the product.

5, product innovation advantages

Every year the company will participate in international design exhibition for product development to provide a strong technical and design support. Developed in line with international trends of the products, in order to promote sales to provide effective protection.

6, production and sales service system advantages

Miller (China) customer service center, for the majority of partners to provide caring services: production orders accepted, the progress of tracking, accounting prices, shipping arrangements, after-sales visits, complaints accepted, In all the difficulties.

7, store management advantages

Day-to-day management of the store to provide successful management experience, retail management, to reduce the exploration costs.

8, marketing planning and supplies advantages

Partnering with marketing initiatives and offering items to implement, make it easier for partners to easily engage in branding campaigns.

9, promotional advantages

According to the store in the local brand promotion program, the headquarters can give considerable brand promotion expenses, while the headquarters through the Internet, magazines, TV micro letter platform to vigorously promote the "Miller" brand.

10, the incentive advantage

As long as you do a good job, Miller will also provide rich rebates or travel abroad incentives, advantages of your development, enhance your confidence, and Miller together to win the golden future.


  •   防盗钢木门消费市场呈现年轻化
  •   防盗钢木门消费市场呈现年轻化
  •   防盗钢木门消费市场呈现年轻化