Zhejiang Miller door industry Co., Ltd. at the door of China - Zhejiang Yongkang, development of the company to the high-end brand for the concept, attention high-end products, "Miller" for each user to create private customized products, to do, I have no people, "people have me fine", constantly self transcendence and the introduction of the German high-tech automation equipment, which makes Miller product quality is more stable, become a convergence with the international brand image of the enterprise. Its overseas registration company, Miller holdings limited to foreign trade, the injection of fresh ideas of European culture, the product is more extraordinary temperament, luxurious, elegant. Companies adhere to the "quality win the market, innovation and development" the guiding ideology, in the overall manufacturing process, strict implementation of each process of production requirements, the ISO-9001 international quality certification system as a benchmark, from the material, manufacturing and final inspection to establish "everyone self-test, inspection special inspection of the new awareness of quality management.
Products since the market, with its exquisite workmanship, luxury honourable, strong and durable, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, is famous in the great river north and south, deeply the general consumer’s affection, has been leading insustry sector trend.Company always adhere to the pioneering and enterprising, strives for realism the innovation enterprise idea, relying on science and technology, market-oriented, based on mass, looking to the future, but the quality first, the material reality, fashionable, high quality and low price, independent research and development, and constantly develop new products to repay the broad massses of consumers. The company wholeheartedly.

welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to guide to discuss cooperation, join hands in creating a brilliant tomorrow.