Company vision: to build high-end door into the first brand, so that China's high-end consumers feel the aristocratic life of France.

Enterprise philosophy: quality first innovation first service first customer first

Product concept: "I have no people, I have refined, pioneering and innovative, striving for perfection"

Values: fair and harmonious sharing of win-win Thanksgiving

Employees: Equal attention to the construction of a human nature of a reasonable mechanism for staff to provide a platform to show personal values and talents.

On the enterprise: the internal shape of a harmonious and equal working atmosphere, so that the team more efficient and more cohesive.

On the customer: the establishment of first-class marketing network and service system, to provide customers with a wealth of experience in the successful operation of the market.

On the environment: the pursuit of human and natural ecology, human environment win-win situation.

On the society: drinking water, return to society. Efforts to bear social responsibility, pay attention to social benefits.